Mistress Morgul

Lady of the Dread Vale

4/17/04...More Updates

Ack...sorry about the hiatus! Anyway, I added the MST page and the fanfiction page. I may work on the links later.


Not much to report. Fixed the main menu and tweaked the layout a bit, but most of the links don't work yet. Hope to plug in most of the content over this weekend.

1/13/04...Update Central

...Although this part of my site will be very much under construction for a substantial amount of time, I am trying to put up all the pages and links so that they are at least functional, though this page may be lacking in content for a while.

Thanks for your patience. Email me at killtheurplesues [at] yahoo [dot] com for suggestions/feedback, as always.

And navigate at your own risk! There's a mini-balrog lurking around here somewhere...and he's hungry from all the construction work....Actually, you can stick around... Go ahead. *evil laugh* Muhaha!

My Mini!