About the Site

Mistress Morgul is an archive of my fanfiction, PPCs, MSTs, and things that don't fit in Think Flamingo, my personal webpage. Here, also, you can find my Lord of the Rings-type links and stuff.


Q: Why Minas Morgul?

A: I like Morgul. It's one of the cooler places in Middle-Earth. And it gets so little screen time, compared to the Shire, Rohan, gondor, and all the other goody-two-shoes hangouts. Plus, the Nazgul are pretty neat, too.

Q: Where else can I read your fanfiction?

A: fanfiction.net, silly! My pen name is Flamingo Feathers.

Q: Why are you so mean to Suethors in your PPCs/MSTs?

A: They're Suvians!! They deserve it.

Q: I LOVE YOU!!!!! Will you give me an autograph?

A: Suuuure. *signs autograph*